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Welcome To Chours NYC. We


The Best Outdoorsy Chore Service To Brace NYC

We help match you with an erand personel to take care of all your outdoor chores. Our platform is easy to use and get acquainted to. These steps below will help guide you on what to expect. Full details will be emailed out based on intended usage of the platform after successful account activation. We have also linked a snow shovelling hands on guide for service renderers from a trusted trainer.

Amazing Progressive Web App — Targeting over 5,000,0000 New Yorkers Try Now ↗
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    Visit Quick Launcher

    We have built a progressive web app that works even better than a mobile app with amazing features that keeps you zoned in! visit

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    Registration Is Quick

    Click on the Join For Free link and register with you personal email, Facebook or Google account in less than a minute. Verify your email to activate your account.

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    Activate & Go!

    Once your account is active, depending on the kind of user setup; After your quick background check clearance, you will get notified for services to be rendered in your area within a fifty mile radius OR you will be able to browse certified service renderes within your city and book an instant appointment to get your yard raked or shovelled.

  • Service Quality

    Chours aims high when it comes to service quality and we will only accept certified service renderers to render services on our platform.

  • Security Awareness

    In todays world, identity theft and impersonation is on the rise and we at Chours understand that data is king and we will do everything possible to secure our servers and application programing interfaces to give user the comfort and security they need to carry on safe, secure and reliable business transactions. We will also zone our data on PCI-DSS certified environments only.

  • The Chours Experience

    We have a team of experienced and certified individuals ranging from intelligent, sharp and intuitive customer service representatives to hands on product managers and client representatives that work on specific modules of our product. we will not dissapoint you with technology, we give the best affordable services you will find in New York City.

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Interactive Web App

We are building a very rich and functional responsive web application that works like a mobile app. We will build in features that will be 99% available that will give you full access to manage your account, interact with every kind of user on the app and control your privacy.

Save Ample Time

Our intuitive web app will do all the work for you. All you have to do is either schedule your activity or instantly create it on the app, the rest we will do while we give you human friendly notifications and alarms when you need to complete an action for security measures.

Friendly Support

Our customers love the comfort that comes with six-months free support. Our dedicated support forum makes interacting with us hassle-free and efficient.